a condensed of technologies

Machine Learning

A sophisticated AI algorithm specifically designed to enhance user experience and reduce significantly your energy consumption

Presence detection

OTREMA detects your presence within seconds. Saving energy when you are away and return to normal when you are back.

Open window detection

To further reduce your energy bill, OTREMA detects when windows are open and decreases the temperature to save energy


OTREMA uses external inputs such as weather forecast and building characteristics to better regulate heating and improve your confort

Bluetooth 5.0 ready

Designed to be a comprehensive product, OTREMA runs on its own without requiring extra box such as complex gateway or relay

USB recharge

No need to replace batteries anymore, with OTREMA USB recharge, the maintenance becomes easy, economical and ecological at the same time

Reports & Analytics

Get instant access to temperature and humidity reports on room and day basis. In turn, make informed decisions on your heating habits

Device Firmware Update

OTREMA goal is to continously bring new innovation to its customers, new functionalities are uploaded to your OTREMA valves free of charge