Introducing the world's most advanced radiator valve ever created !!!

AWAY mode selection
Manual temperature setting
Polychrome LED display
USB fast recharge


Everybody loves tech gadgets; but ours is different, it is simple and makes real savings. Here is how it works.


Easy Installation

Do-it-yourself; it is super easy... No tooling required. It takes only one minute. Simply unscrew your old radiator valve and screw the new Otrema Valve using the right adaptor. Do not worry, the water will not leak !


Self Learning

Otrema will learn from your preferences & habits. It automatically adapts the temperature in each room to provide the best experience in terms of comfort and savings.


Enjoy full benefits

Start saving now. Use your mobile app to have full control over your heating system remotely. Visualize your heating consumption and in turn, make informed decisions.

A Condensed Of Technologies

Otrema Smart Valve bristles with innovative features and presents a disruptive approach to modern day home heating needs.

Machine Learning

A sophisticated AI algorithm specifically designed to enhance user experience and reduce significantly your energy consumption

Presence detection

OTREMA detects your presence within seconds. Saving energy when you are away and return to normal when you are back.

Open window detection

To further reduce your energy bill, OTREMA detects when windows are open and decreases the temperature to save energy

Smart regulation

OTREMA uses external inputs such as weather forecast and building characteristics to better regulate heating and improve your comfort

Bluetooth 5.0 ready

Designed to be a comprehensive product, OTREMA runs on its own without requiring extra box such as complex gateway or relay

USB recharge

No need to replace batteries anymore, with OTREMA USB recharge, the maintenance becomes easy, economical and ecological at the same time

Reports & Analytics

Get instant access to temperature and humidity reports on room and day basis. In turn, make informed decisions on your heating habits

Extended range

OTREMA valves have been designed to maximize the range. The valves act as relay to cascade information to other valves within the house, so range is further increased.


Uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to connect and communicate with paired devices and smartphones. Only paired smartphone within range can get access to the radiator. No internet, no hacker risks.

Device Firmware Update

As we continiously enhance the product, we will upload these improvements and new functionalities to your Otrema valves free of charge.


Don't take our word. See what our beta users say


Waww, this is a great product! It just works like a charm
Alan B.


I’m amazed by the simplicity to install it, and the App is so intuitive!
Sandra L.


Finally the product I was looking for, shielded from the internet, it is so much safer without compromising on smart features
Arthur M.



Got questions? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to contact@otrema.eu

How easy is to install Otrema Valve ? Do I need to hire a installer ?

We would not claim our product to be smart if it was complicated to fit and install. There is no need to hire expensive installer. Just few clicks and you are ready to go.

I have already a thermostat in my home, can I use this valve with my current thermostat ?

Yes, OTREMA valve can work with existing thermostat. If the valves are located in the same room with the thermostat, it is suggested to set the temperature on the thermostat at a higher temperature to ensure control of the room by the valves.

Is OTREMA Valve compatible with my radiator ?

OTREMA smart valve is compatible with most of radiators on the market, either directly or using one of the adaptors included in the package. If you have any doubts, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Can the OTREMA smart valve work without a smartphone ?

Yes, you can still control your OTREMA smart valve even without a smartphone - as you would for standard radiator valve - however the range of functionalities will be limited.

Can I use OTREMA valve with more than one user

Yes, our mobile application allows to manage several users in the same topology home. For example, each member of the family can control its heating system as long as that user has been granted access.

What about the range ?

Up to 100dB path loss is allowed between the phone and the valve to communicate. This is enough on most dwellings, however to maximize range we implemented a proprietary mesh protocol allowing each valve to act a relay to cascade the information. Based on local test on a 2 floor house full point to point coverage is attained. However this depends on the construction material type as well.


Benefit from our early bird special price


1 Smart Valve + USB charger + 3 adaptors



1 Smart Valve + USB charger + 3 adaptors




White Case with LED polychrome display. Supply with 3 adaptors to fit most radiator on the market. Batteries are fast rechargeable in 2 hours and have up to one year autonomy.